Jewish Marriage Ceremonial Ring

Jewish Marriage Ceremonial Ring

Posted by on Feb 6, 2016 in Blog, Custom Jewelry

Alvaro Coronado handcrafts Jewish Marriage Ceremonial Ring and his workmanship provides joys, rewards, and some added surprises.

The back story is fascinating.

Alvaro Coronado received permission to recreate this piece from Victoria and Albert Museum, the original of which is part of their collection, with the understanding he would not sell it nor receive monetary compensation for it. He wanted to handcraft it as a request by his wife, Caroline, who had seen it in a book and loved it. Alvaro recreated it and used it for portfolio purposes only.

ReproductionsFeatureTucked away for years, it was discovered in New York by a radio producer who himself was getting married and he wanted a traditional Jewish marriage ceremonial ring for the ceremony. He called Alvaro and Caroline Coronado and requested to purchase it or rent it in the alternative if not available for sale. Alvaro and Caroline Coronado felt doing either of those two things would be a violation of their promise to Victoria and Albert Museum, and promises matter to Alvaro and Caroline. Although strangers to the Coronado’s, they did not want to disappoint the groom and his wife-to-be of an important part of their Jewish tradition for their all important wedding day and religious ceremony, so they took a leap of faith and shipped it to the groom as a loan for the couple to have their traditional Jewish ceremony with a Jewish Marriage Ceremonial Ring. They learned from the couple, that a Jewish Marriage Ring was shared for marriages within the village. The Coronado’s were also given the added honor of being invited to the ceremony. Coincidentally, Alvaro Coronado and Caroline Coronado had plans to go to New York City for the preview of a short documentary they were associate producers of, A Gift Divine about young Michelangelo, so they were given the opportunity to meet the newlyweds and make new friends.

Although, Caroline admitted when she found out the groom was the producer of a New York radio show her New York skepticism kicked in, and she asked him if this was one of those media promotional tests like “how trusting will people be and responsive to someone’s needs” and she and Alvaro were the random test. The groom said, “no definitely not the case, but if it were, Alvaro and Caroline would surely have passed the test.”

In the end, the Jewish Marriage Ceremonial Ring Alvaro recreated mirroring the image suspected to be that of Solomon’s temple, had a higher purpose, unknown to them at the time of creation, and its mission served.

The joys, rewards, and surprises of art and craftsmanship serving a higher purpose.