Flight Simulators Designed by Coronado Air Hangar Inspires Hanover & Beyond!

Flight Simulators Designed by Coronado Air Hangar Inspires Hanover & Beyond!

Posted by on Aug 9, 2016 in Flight Simulators, News

Alvaro Coronado, a resident and business owner in Ashland, Virginia is an empirical engineer. While the U.S. economy seems to be failing and manufacturing leaving our borders, Alvaro, innovative, inventive and determined, without engineering education and training, has U.S. history repeating itself in an attempt to restart the Industrial Revolution of our world’s super power, by building three flight simulators in his living room; two of which he sold to a 70 year-old Vietnam Marine Veteran helicopter pilot, providing him with a way to renew his skills, recall a chapter in his life, and reconnect with other military buddies, all right from his home, defying and challenging himself not to be confined despite his ailing health.

Alvaro, a Colombian immigrant, and now US citizen, says he never forgets that he is on borrowed land and is grateful for what the USA has gifted him the most, OPPORTUNITY. A true believer in anything can “start with just one” he is working to renew America’s spirit of entrepreneurship. His third, and newest build out, is what is known as a glass cockpit. Having pushed the limits in software and hardware through the past few years of trial and error, it has tons of gadgets, gauges, screens, tablets, applications, and more. His new cockpit is also for sale, however, as often happens by accident and circumstance, flight simulation gaming has quickly presented itself to be a catalyst for an academic and vocational Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (S.T.E.M.) economic market niche; as it truly proven to be a “kid magnet”.

Taking their lead from the kids who have talked us up after a fun visit, local school board administrators and members, vocational education program coordinators, school principals, and government officials, some of whom are pilots themselves, have reached out to virtually fly with us to see what the kid’s chatter and excitement is all about. Through his build out of gaming flight simulators in his living room, Alvaro has managed to create interactive entertainment for children who think they are just virtually having fun, while in reality, that fun experience is providing them with so many real-world experiences and teaching them about physics, weather, wind, climate, geography, topography, astronomy, space exploration, mathematics in computing fuel loads for distance, passenger and cargo loads, engineering, navigation, record-keeping, detailing, location of countries, states, cities, latitude, longitude, land and sea, monuments, mountain ranges, cultures, compass and map reading, altitude, reading of gauges like altimeters, speed, horizontal, vertical and global positioning systems, radio, tower and coding communications, airport locations and codes for real-life travel, familiarity with flying vs. fear of flying, history of military, aircrafts, wars, G-forces, historic people. It is hard to believe there is so much more to offer, but there truly is, and those things are in addition to perhaps careers as a pilot, mechanic, engineer, or astronaut.
Above all what drives (oops perhaps flies) us here at the Coronado Air hangar, to building these incredible self-contained tiny classrooms, is our concern that the next generation needs development beyond dependence on GOOGLE for answers to their real-life and real-world situations. So, by Alvaro building his virtual fleet under Coronado Airlines is using 21st century technology to draw kids in as virtual pilots, co-pilots, mechanics and engineers, and kids unknowingly are learning old school lessons preparing them for life beyond GOOGLE and SIRI; lessons they are certain to need for success, happiness and peaceful co-existence in a world that perhaps seemed very large to Columbus but proves smaller and smaller each day to those of us holding a Smartphone in the palm of our hand; but there is a life and world required of us beyond that technology that will require specialized skills, master skills in — the art of teamwork, crisis management, reasoning and critical thinking– character building skills all available in a virtual cockpit and through sophisticated flight simulation software capable of providing and interjecting real situation emergencies while gaming.

Clearly, Alvaro Coronado has taken the skies-the-limit American gift of OPPORTUNITY to make a difference in educating and preparing future generations, and done so on the “kids” terms. To Alvaro, it just seems pretty elementary. Click HERE to experience landing in NYC via Coronado’s simulator! Are you interested in learning to fly? Alvaro has completed the build out of his third flight simulator. His newest flight simulator glass cockpit is a dream. Call for an appointment at Coronado Air hangar for an educational, inter-active experience if interested in purchasing. 804–752-7788. Roger that. Imagine the possibilities for inspiring our youth!

August 6th, 2015

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