Posted by on Jun 25, 2017 in Beadworks

Beaded florals – Alvaro & Caroline Coronado of Alvaro Coronado Jewelry

Along with their jewelry repair and design business, Alvaro and Caroline are equally known for their beaded arrangements. Several of their floral bouquets and headpieces just shipped for bridal photography in the UK. Here at home, we are fortunate to have these artists creating their gorgeous adornment for local customers. With the holiday season quickly approaching, they are already taking orders for custom created holiday arrangements and stems for table centerpieces, vases, bouquets, and gift-giving. Beautifully jeweled and cleverly created with stunning and exotic beads, often hand-picked by this husband and wife team during their global travels, Alvaro and Caroline clearly choose the best with their clientele in mind.

Developed by the Coronado husband and wife team to help floral allergy sufferers enjoy jeweled beauty on their holiday tables, and in floral bouquets, the results make unique gifts. Their beaded florals are known to combine elements such as iridescent pearl and Czech glass, Swarovski sparkling faceted crystals, stunning semi-precious quartz, green eco-chic naturals of mother of pearl and shell and other organics, along with the twinkling mix of crystals, pearls and matte finished naturals. To order or get further information, email Caroline Coronado at or call their studio at 804-752-7788.