Alvaro Coronado jewelry repairs are trusted and recognized as Museum-quality and sought after worldwide by antique dealer, antique dealers, auction houses, coin shops, and jewelry merchant chain stores.

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What happens next?
From there, Alvaro Coronado will review the scope of work; contact you with details and options, and estimates for each option.

Alvaro Coronado’s reputation, talents, and credentials are well-established both nationally and internationally. Alvaro Coronado’s jewelry designs, repairs, and workmanship are a result of his 50 years of experience in mastering his craft.
Surprisingly, it is from his very modest artisan studio in Ashland, Virginia, that Alvaro continues his timeless tradition of old world craftsmanship in a modern industry. He is a master of his trade. His art as a jewelry designer and goldsmith is amazing. Alvaro’s jewelry repair skills succeed where others fail and his designs cover a wide spectrum. Alvaro produces and repairs works in gold, silver, and platinum metals, works with all kinds of gemstones and synthetics and Alvaro Coronado is renowned in repairing jewelry turned away by others from vintage to modern.

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