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“I believe musical harmony makes cultural harmony, and beautiful music is a universal language.” – Alvaro Coronado

His charismatic command of the flamenco guitar and his powerful voice has awakened music lovers worldwide. His rhythms and beats inspire movement, and have furthered the culture of Latin dancing worldwide.

Alvaro grew up listening to the power, poetry, and beauty of Latin lyrics. He patiently waited for the time when Latin music would cross borderless borders and bridge language barriers. Now, decades later, that time has arrived. Alvaro Coronado now understands the purpose of his gift of an incredibly versatile and powerful voice. With the wisdom of age, the experience of time living on two continents, and weaving together the explosion of two cultures, a new and exciting Latin Legend is emerging.

With the artistry of Alvaro’s contemporary style, his wonderfully romantic voice delivering some of the most poetic lyrics that seem to flow effortlessly from his heart with the use of his native language of Spanish, he has delivered on his mission and his music has a purpose.

Along with the new millennium, Alvaro is unfolding his cd with these, his first hand-selected recordings, combining traditional Colombian Culture and folkloric rhythms being delivered with modern-day charisma.

Alvaro Coronado – Spanish Narrator

Alvaro Coronado Singing “Granada”

Alvaro Coronado Sings “My Way” in Carnival Cruise Ship Talent Show

Alvaro Coronado Sings “My Way” as a birthday gift to his mother-in-law