Our Story

Alvaro Coronado offers your passport to jewelry accessories with intercontinental flair. A native of Bogota, Colombia, Alvaro custom crafts each piece in Virginia, where creativity spans generations of artistic inspiration. Love at first sight with precious metals and his wife and business partner, Caroline, is the foundation of their work. A passionate combination of sparkle and design is born in each creation. Alvaro Coronado proudly carries his name forward into the artisan’s realm of drama with each treasured piece. 

“I began my career as designer and craftsman by sweeping the floors of a jewelry store. My earliest works were made with the crudest and most primitive tools, thereby requiring the greatest perfection in technique.” – Alvaro Coronado 

Alvaro met Caroline in Colombia, and fateful travels brought them to Virginia Beach, Virginia.  Caroline, a native of New York, serves as the strand that sustains the gems of their successful business.   Out of a modest studio, each accessory is specially created and chosen to meet the needs of global clients from historic, contemporary, cultural to geographic.  Each accessory has a story.