Sola wood flowers are made from Shola plant. Each individual sola wood flower is handmade. The natural color is ivory, but they can be dyed in any color.

Yes! Sola wood is a natural product. It is 100% biodegradable, sustainable material.

Shola plant is found in India and Thailand. The making of sola flowers provides work for indigenous people as well as being an eco-friendly product.

Whether displayed in a vase or centerpiece, in a bouquet or corsage, for wedding or holiday in natural colors, raw colors or painted colors they are gorgeous to look at and to the touch. Always picture perfect.

Sola wood flowers travel well with a bit of care.

Sola wood flowers are a wonderful alternative for those allergic to pollen.

Sola Wood flowers can last forever in your bouquet, centerpiece, hair ornament or decorative accessory. However, even though sola wood flowers are stronger than real flowers, they’re still delicate and can get damaged with rough handling. In general, keep the flowers in a cool, dry area, and away from direct sun exposure.

Because they are organic, they should not be stored in closed or sealed containers so they can breath and stay mold and mildew free. Equally important to avoid outdoor elements like rain and snow and moisture.