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Alvaro Coronado, Inc.

Brown Mosaic Batik

Brown Mosaic Batik

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Patterned after ancient skyways these  large, single circular mosaic disc tagua nut earrings are sure to dangle from it's french hook pierced earring.  The colors are so complementary from a beautiful fall Thanksgiving brown to creamy beige intersecting linear and curved pathways.  And the reverse side of the disc is just as pretty in a solid black contrast.    What's fascinating is the brown mosaic front batik design appears almost 3D and the black shiny black contrast accents it and makes meeting of ancient with contemporary.  They'll never go out of style. It's like getting 2 pairs of earrings in 1.  These are perfect accessory for wearers who love fall wardrobe colors.  The best part is that the earring is simple in one single shape and disc but the batik pattern is what makes it a most interesting pair of tagua nut earrings.


Disc Diameter: +- 1 1/4 inch

Tagua Nut is a tree nut product.

Tagua Nut

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