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Alvaro Coronado, Inc.

Contemporary Cone Tagua Earrings

Contemporary Cone Tagua Earrings

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Contemporary and Modern for those younger generation lovers of jewelry and accessories.  A little bit of class and sass by redesigning the shape of timeless classic earrings.  These cone shaped tagua nut earrings are a twist on yesterday making them a fit for today and tomorrow.  Topped with a matching bead and transitioning to a delightful dangle funneling from narrow to wide.  You'll love the shiny vegetable ivory finish look and the very vivid colors.  Perfect fit for jeans to wedding gown.  The length is just right.  Choose a color for every day of the week.  If you are lucky you'll even see a bit of the tagua nut skin in deep brown just dotting the surface on the narrow rim on the top.  Lightweight and affordable.  Perfect gift for a teenager too.  Don't forget about Sweet Sixteen gifts and Qinceaneras too. 

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