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Alvaro Coronado, Inc.

Double Rainbow Tagua Pendant Drop Necklace

Double Rainbow Tagua Pendant Drop Necklace

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Adjustable strap tagua nut pendant drop in gorgeous colors that pop on any sweater, blouse or top.  Adjustable means versatile with your wardrobe no matter the season. The thick, hardy unusual curved tagua nut looks like a leaf and when they all dangle down you would think it was a Rainbow Colored Christmas Tree.  This pendant necklace accessory is sure to match any color in your wardrobe.  Even when they blur from movement they are fascinating to look at.  The tagua nut rainbow is turquoise, yellow, purple, coral, lime, and navy, and red.  Such beautiful, colorful, tagua nut.  Even with so many thick curved hardy leaf-shaped tagua nut elements, it is still lightweight and comfortable...a bonus from nature of the tagua nut. Want a matching ensemble?  Add the matching Double Rainbow Earrings to your cart from our products page.


Adjustable pull Strap Necklace maximum length each side is 12 inches 1 colorful stop bead on each side
Strap width is 1/8 inch
Pendant of tagua drops from a red tagua circle link

Product Material Disclosure: Tagua Nut is a tree nut product and seed.

Tagua Nut

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