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Lady Bug Lovers

Lady Bug Lovers

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Lady Bug lovers, lovers of nature, believer in Lady Bugs bring good fortune?  The latter is true if you have the opportunity to add this only lady bug pair of tagua nut earrings in your cart.  You'll love the combination of two tone art pattern on Tagua Nut slices in red and black making these lady bug earrings almost come to life.  Design on front and solid red on back of earring. You never get tired of looking at the batik work of artisans that make something difficult and skillful look so beautiful.  The shape of the tagua is intentional curved to offset the batik pattern.  Artisans are keen to leave the brown/black skin element of the tagua nut on the earring edges as a reminder of its origin.  Wear in Summer season when the lady bugs are out or in winter to remind you of Lady Bug days coming back.



Length: +- 2 1/4 inches
Width: +- 1 1/4 inches

Product Material Disclosure: Tagua Nut is a tree nut product and seed.

Tagua Nut

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