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Alvaro Coronado, Inc.

Leaf Earrings where Reality transforms Fashion

Leaf Earrings where Reality transforms Fashion

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Earrings which we would describe as where Mother Nature meets Human Nature.  Can you believe these earrings begin with a genuine leaf.  The process is fascinating.  These are perfect earrings for nature lovers who prefer a simple and light accessory but packs a BIG STORY.  Our supplier shared this information card with us so that we could share the details with you.  Clearly it is painstaking. Note the makers of the process say only about 1 in 10 can be made into a jewelry accessory but the beauty and results makes it all worthwhile.  We still don't quite understand the process details, but when we look at the beautiful end result we look at an earring accessory where the colors are so soft, the finish is so shiny and the texture is so lacey it looks like the intricate lace of a fine French antique or vintage wedding veil.  Like we said, a real conversation piece with a BIG STORY but a small pricetag.  Leaves are like snowflakes so no two are exactly alike in length, width, veins etc.  Although the colors of each earring in a pair match.  The pairs are close in length, width, curves, angles etc. but their are distinct and varying differences, however, those differences are mostly noticeable when sitting side by side and less noticeable when wearing on both ears.  In fact, that uniqueness enhances them as an Art Form and their uniqueness becomes like a fingerprint for each leaf.

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