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Alvaro Coronado Inc

Purple, Lavender, Chocolate, Mauve Necklace

Purple, Lavender, Chocolate, Mauve Necklace

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Metal chains are pretty but look at what happens when we string Tagua together in shades of Purple, Mauve and Lavendar. 26 inches of pure beauty just like nature shared with us. As if that wasn't beautiful enough, we decided to create even more of a stir by mixing up Tagua Nut sizes and shapes.  So many and so interesting we don't even know what to call them but working in Tagua Tandum that make for a wonderful Accessory especially for sweater wearers.  We know the dilemma winter can bring when it comes to accessories.  It's cold and sweaters are so comfy but most necklaces are too short to work.  Chains of Tagua like this purple and lavendar are nice and long and not only the solution but a mesmerizing solution.  We didn't stop there with its design.  Even though it was linked together with accenting threads, we added the element of an adjustable black strap and a fancy "slice" of matching purple tagua finishing touch.  Look at how beautiful these colors work in the photo with emerald green.  Endless options.


Overall length from neck end start to neck end finish:
+-52 inches
Length when folded in half from middle to end:
+- 26 inches
Length of Tagua Links: +- 38 inches
Length of added on adjustable strap: +- 14
Large Irregular Oval Tagua Links: +- 2 inches
Smaller Irregular shaped tagua links range from 1 to 1 1/4 inch in length

Tagua Nut is a tree nut product.

Tagua Nut

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