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Alvaro Coronado, Inc.

Rectangles + Squares = Necklace

Rectangles + Squares = Necklace

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Fabulous twist on math with this natural color vegetable ivory tagua nut necklace.  Everything about it equals beauty and interest.  Ten links, carved into a square or rectangle are hand woven together with natural color thread, in such a random order and pattern it keeps your eyes fixated on the equation.  The 12 inch strapon each side transitioning from the tagua nut frames are adjustable.  The strap is flat and about 3/8 inch wide and has the texture and feel to touch of soft leather or ultra suede.  Please note this particular necklace is with a strap and closure as pictured on the model not the twisted adjustable on the flat.  This necklace is so very lightweight you wouldn't even know you were wearing this accessory if it weren't for the stares and compliments as to its uniqueness. Perfect for brides.  Make it a complete set by adding "Geometrics Natura"l earrings to your cart.

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