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Alvaro Coronado, Inc.

Rose Flower Door Entrance Wreath in Purple

Rose Flower Door Entrance Wreath in Purple

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Handmade and beautiful.  Just like nature, spring season blooms flowers and so did we at our studio.  Our blooms are meant to last and are always picture perfect.  Start the celebration of the spring season with floral eye-catching floral designs that are sure to Welcome your guests with a WOW factor.  Although this is a single flower it is huge and feels more like a decorative bouquet on your door or wall with its swirls of swirls and curls that will fascinate and mesmerize.  The petals are a full-bodied and cuddled with fanfare of green polymesh leaves to mimic natures cuddling of a beautiful bloom.  Whether springtime, holiday time, a special occasion or any day at all, this gorgeous accent pops and screams a new season, a new day to celebrated by the new look of this decorative flower wreath. I'm thinking a great gift to send for Mother's Day. 

As if the flower design in polymesh great for the outdoors was enough, we can add the realistic accessories of a beautiful little bird with prettiest of feathers as a color accent that lifts the petals to a new level of awesome.  Not enough and needs another touch? Well that's what we thought too so we added the beauty of this orange and black Monmouth Butterfly and raised it up so it adds movement and almost looks like it is going to land or fly away.  We've put alot of thought into this decorative accessory and we think we nailed it as an accessory to welcome your guests to your front door.  This engaging handmade piece doesn't have to stop at your entrance.  Invite it inside and it makes a stunning addition to your coffee table or dining room table as a conversation piece.  Great for a bathroom wall that says "Happy Day" as you start your morning.  The polymesh is waterproof as well as the butterfly.  The little birdy may get its feathers clipped a bit by harsh weather over time but it is easily removable by its alligator clip leaving room for anything you might like to add.  

Remember purchases like this, support handcrafting artists and small mom and pop businesses.  We appreciate your appreciation of art and handmade and investing in us.  

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