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Alvaro Coronado, Inc.

Winter White Elegance

Winter White Elegance

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The ivory color natural to Tagua Nut is makes these earrings beautiful right from the start. The design needed nothing more than the beautiful carving of a button circle and a cut out square.  The brillance is that it was created from a single piece of Tagua Nut.  You're sure to figure out the mystery of design and artisan workmanship when you have them in your hand.  Elegance comes easy when you know how to work with the natural beauty of Nature's resource.  Truly a pair of earrings that are a Gift from the World, Made to Adorn.  Perfect length, color and style to dangle on your Wedding Day when whether you are walking down the aisle or dancin' away.  Post and Earnut so all you see is the beautiful winter white Tagua Nut.  Great for travel to match everything you pack.

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