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Alvaro Coronado, Inc.

Timeless Tagua Earrings

Timeless Tagua Earrings

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If you only had one earring accessory this pair of Timeless Tagua should be your mainstay.  Classic, simple lines and sophisticated.  Always complementing your fashion statement but not stealing the show.  The perfect choice.  The colors are so stunning.  They are deep and rich but still so vivid.  If you are lucky the long dangle will reflect the swirls of natural tagua vegetable ivory.  She sheen is always shiny, no dull or matte or satin for this Timeless style accessory.  Clean lines make it perfect for any outfit and for daytime, nighttime or formal occasion.  The length is midsize and perfect.  Never overstated but never understated.  They transition but the subtle touch of a matching Tagua round bead.  If you buy only one,  we're confident you'll come back for a pair in every color.  These are durable and thick tagua and perfect for travel.


Length: +- 1 3/4 inches
Width at widest point: +- 3/8 inches

Product Material Disclosure: Tagua Nut is a tree nut product and seed.

Tagua Nut

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