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Alvaro Coronado, Inc.

"VIP Accessory Box"

"VIP Accessory Box"

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Subscription Box Shipments will renew on the 17th of each month and ship on the 7th of each month- delivered to your doorstep! Free Shipping in USA on subscription boxes within continental USA.  Small add on for Alaska and Hawaii. 

Sorry, no international shipments at this time, but keep watching.

Damages - we try to use known, qualified, shippers.  However things happen.  In such cases, please refer to our refund policy listed above for us to make it right with a replacement.
Sorry, no local pickups, but rest assured when you purchase from our shop, we make every effort to meet your special occasion needs when it comes to delivery dates.
More details about shipments, rates, terms and carriers will appear in your cart at time of purchase and prior to checkout.  Please take note.  These details regarding rates and terms are subject to change without notice due to uncertainty of third-party shipping providers, circumstances beyond our control.

Fashion-minded but no time? Love jewelry but lack confidence in choosing accessories? Watching trends, but wondering if it is your best look?

Don't get bogged down. Think INSIDE the box. Alvaro Coronado's monthly VIP Accessory Box is the perfect choice. You'll receive a single surprise accessory item each month whether for your personal fashion, or your home or workspace.  Let Alvaro and Caroline Coronado be your passport to Gifts from the World, Made to Adorn from their global experiences, worldwide adventures and extensive travels to far away places. "Like Don Quixote on a Quest, we pack our bags for remote destinations as treasure-hunters seeking hard-to-find, unique Gifts from the World, Made to Adorn."  But, they think the hardest part is yours; waiting, watching and anticipating what mystery treasure will unfold when your VIP Accessory Box arrives at your door each month. Do you hear the trumpets yet?

Need a gift? Our subscription box falls right into the good-gift sweet spot because Alvaro Coronado curates the box, showcases it in for a beautiful gift wrapped presentation, secures the mail packaging, arranges for shipping and delivery. We make it as simple as an e-gift card but with a lot more heart. Order yours and a gift for that someone very special. 

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